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Matthew XXXX wites: Why does my '72 SX-350 only have high gear????

Answer: Your engine has broken the key on the countershaft high gear.... Call us (336( 245-3594 for both an easy and/or permanent fix!!!!

Eric LaCruse writes: Do you have parts for my Aermacchi/Harley-Davidson Sprint????

Answer: Yes we do, but it's always best to check with Moto-Italia/Leslie Bull at (707) 763-1982 first.... 

Mal Marsden writes: What do I need to buy in the way of road going model engines to build a respectable replica 350cc racer???? 

Answer: You'll need '71 or '72 bottom end and a '73 or '74 engine complete…. When you get these in front of you, talk to me….

Robert Shuman writes: Do you have a parts book & maintenance manual that covers all years of the A/H-D Sprint????

Answer: Yes we do!!!! An officer of the federal government will hand deliver it to your doorstep for $60…. 

Charles Campis writes: Do you rebuild stock cylinders and/or heads????

Answer: Yes we do!!!! Labor to rebore/finish hone a cylinder @ $100.00 and to refurbish a head  @ $150. Price does not include sand bead blasting if wanted/needed…. 

Also, CPP & NOS standard piston assemblies are available @ $250.   

Todd Boughan writes: Do you rebuild A/H-D Sprint wheels and if so what services do you offer????

Answer: Yes we do!!!! Labor to lace/true a wheel @ $150. We also inventory original chrome & aluminum shouldered rims plus stainless steel spoke sets….

Other services offered include bead blasting & polishing of aluminum hubs and the use of stainless steel hardware…. Sealed bearings, relined brake shoes, tires & tubes are also available upon request…. 

William Smith writes: I have a Aermacchi/Harley-Davidson Sprint for sale…. How do I establish it's value and where do I advertise it????

Answer: First-of-all, we're on the advisory board for NADA, and therefore I trust their price guide…. So, you can go to the NADA website to establish your price and after that either Craig's List or eBay will sell it for you…. Oh, matching numbers and a good title are very important to most people….

Charlie Foell writes: Do you have any original photos of the Aermacchi/Harley-Davidson Competition Sprint Racers????

Answer: Yes we do!!!! An officer of the federal government will hand deliver B&W copies of the H-D studio photos to your doorstep for $60….

Packet includes both left and right side views of the '67 CRS, '69 ERS, '62 CRTT, '64 CRTT, '66 CRTT & '66 CRTT with fairing…. 

Steve Martel writes: Do you have A/H-D Sprints for sale other then Competition Racers????

Answer: Yes we do!!!! I'll always try to list each and everyone of them on the "Featured Products" page  under "Bikes For Sale" of this website…. 

Remember, all of our bikes come with one year of free maintenance at our Winston-Salem location….

Manuel Rivera writes: Do you sell tires for the A/H-D Sprints????

Answer: Yes we do!!!! Tires & tubes are available from the following manufacturers, i.e. Avon, Dunlop & Duro which has a replica tire for both the K-70 Dunlop and Universal Parellia at a very attractive prices….

Kevin Toles writes: Do you build and/or rebuild front fork assemblies for other models of motorcycles????

Answer: Yes & No!!!! We specialize in the Aermacchi/Harley-Davidson Sprint Competition Racers & Road Going Models…. So, if the fork assemble your looking for will work on a A/H-D, then we can probably help you out….

Dan Ferrara writes: Can you lace & true other types of A/H-D wheels????

Answer: Yes we can, but we only inventory parts for the A/H-D Sprints…. 

Manny Rivera writes: Can you restore road going model Sprints, namely a 1974 S/S 350????

Answer: Yes we can!!!! Restoration projects are only worked upon during the Winter months…. 

Burt XXXX writes: I wish to build a 350cc track days bike, so which chassis is best/safest to start with…. 

Answer: Get a complete '67 thru '69 S/S in front of you and then give me a call…. This is what my entry level road racer is based upon and therefore the balance of the parts are available from us….   

Dave XXXX writes: Do you rebuild competition engines????

Answer: Yes we can!!!! Just remember some of the original parts are becoming rare & expensive, but in most cases we have an alternative.... 

Dave XXXX writes: Do you sell racing fiberglass????

Answer: We have available '66 & Up CRTT fiberglass in gel coated poppy red (fairing w/windshield, tank w/cap, seat w/cover, rear fender & front fender).... 

Richard Higginbotham writes: Do you have a good used left side/kick cover for my Sprint, one that's not all cracked/welded up at the kicking portion????

Answer: We have all years polished and ready to ship, but let me tell you why…. As you may know we build racers out of road going models and instead of cutting up good kick covers we save them all and sell them to folks like you on an exchange bases for all we need to go racing is a side cover that will accept a tach drive and the clutch lever on the 350cc models…. Now, we also have available good used kick gears if you need them too…. 

Robert Lee writes: I bought the wrong fastener kit and my dealer will not take it back because I waited to long…. What can you do for me????

Answer: We actually race ourselves and all of our kits are designed to work on racing fiberglass and/or ABS plastic body panels but will not work in many OEM situations…. So, in your case if we have something that will work for you we would be glad/willing to swap it out…. 

Noel Cunningham writes: Can I buy direct from you????

Answer: Yes you can, but we find it so much easier to simply go to your local motorcycle dealer and deal with them for most warehouse distributors handle our product lines…. 

Pete Bundy writes: Do you give factory tours????

Answer: Yes we do and we would be glad too, but only with advanced booking on Saturday mornings when we're not at the race track…. 

Scott Brown writes: Which exhaust wrap will hold up the best on titanium exhaust pipes????

Answer: First of all, exhaust wrap is really intended for competition use only but if you're going to use it on titanium exhaust pipes use only the Multi-Tone or Metallic Wrap for it will withstand the higher heat levels titanium exhaust pipes emit…. 

Brad Johnson writes: I've got several questions concerning possible upgrades for my CR dirt tracker and would like to talk to you…. 

Answer: It's always best to call me on a Saturday morning rather then going back & forth via e-mail…. So, give me a call (336) 245-3594 and we can wrap this up…. 

Seth Rosko writes: Do you have A/H-D Sprint racing 350cc pistons????

Answer: Yes we have both 250cc & 350cc racing pistons for the A/H-D Sprint competition engines, but I need more information as to which engine your building…. Your best to call me Saturday morning at (336) 245-3594 and we can wrap this up….

Gary Krieger writes: The fasteners in the kit that I purchased are not long enough, do you make/have longer ones????

Answer: All fastener kits that carry an ABS suffix are the longest ones we offer at this time….

Tyler Wallace writes: Do you sell component parts to your fastener kits in bulk….

Answer: Yes we do in 20 count amounts….

Mike Sherlock writes: Do you have parts and/or service the 2-stroke Aermacchi/Harley-Davidson motorcycles????

Answer: No we do not, but go to our FRIENDS page of this web site for those who do….

Chris XXXXX writes: Can you post photos of competition engines that you are building for either sale or your lend/lease program….

Answer: Yes we can, but not until we're finished and the tune & test has been conducted….

Richard Totter writes: Do you have instructions for the installation of exhaust wrap????

Answer: First-of-all, it depends as to which wrap you may have, but basically all wrap needs to be socked in water except our Multi-Tone or Metallic products….Then you simply wrap with an over lay of 1/2" on the 2" products and 1/4" on the 1" products…. Also, future packaging will have instructions…. 

Finally, we only recommend the use of our Multi-Tone or Metallic products on stainless-steel and/or titanium exhaust pipes…. 

Catherine Shadduck writes: Do you have instructions for the installation of exhaust wrap clamps????

Answer: First-of-all, it depends as to which clamps you may have, but basically there are two types, i.e. either standard ball type or ladder hose clamp type…. So, in either case one simply slips the lose end thru…. Now, in the case of the standard ball type the ball locks it in place and in the case of the ladder type they react much like a hose clamp…. Also, future packaging will have instructions…. Finally, we recommend the use of our fat ladder type exhaust wrap clamps for competition….

Tim Ferguson writes: Do you plan on switching to Mikuni carburetors on the Sprints that you build????

Answer: With good NOS carbs becoming harder to find, the switch to Mikuni will be the logical choice for both street and competition.... The only problem will be to build manifolds that fit with NOS air filters at a decent price....