4/1/2022 Update Information:

Cycle Performance Products, Inc.

2724 Spring Garden Rd.

Winston-Salem, NC 27106 USA

Contact: John F. Basore II

Office Hours: M-F / 11am - 3pm 

Tel: (336) 245-3594

E-Mail: <cycleperformanceproducts@gmail.com>

PayPal Account: <jfbasore@triad.rr.com>

Manufacturer's Representative Information:

John Basore & Associates

Contact: John F. Basore, Sr.

Cel: (336) 692-2663

E-Mail: <johnbasore@gmail.com>

MEMO: The Best Way to get in touch with us is via e-mail @ <cycleperformanceproducts@gmail.com> or thru our manufacturer's representative @ <johnbasore@gmail.com>....


Freight via USPS on Prepaid Orders 

Payments on Prepaid Orders via PayPal

All Other Orders Shipped via UPS Collect

Payment terms on open accounts in good standing are 2/10/30 ROG 


Those wanting to return merchandise need to request a Return Goods Authorization Number and it must be posted on the outside of the package.... Otherwise, the package will not be accepted and returned....

All return merchandise will be charged a 10% restocking fee and there is no acceptation to this rule!!!!



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