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4/1/2022 Update Information:

Cycle Performance Products, Inc.

2724 Spring Garden Rd.

Winston-Salem, NC 27106 USA

Contact: John F. Basore II

Office Hours: M-F / 11am - 3pm 

Tel: (336) 245-3594

E-Mail: <>

PayPal Account: <>

Manufacturer's Representative Information:

John Basore & Associates

Contact: John F. Basore, Sr.

Cel: (336) 692-2663

E-Mail: <>

MEMO: The Best Way to get in touch with us is via e-mail @ <> or thru our manufacturer's representative @ <>....


Freight via USPS on Prepaid Orders 

Payments on Prepaid Orders via PayPal

All Other Orders Shipped via UPS Collect

Payment terms on open accounts in good standing are 2/10/30 ROG.... 


Those wanting to return merchandise need to request a Return Goods Authorization Number and it must be posted on the outside of the package.... Otherwise, the package will not be accepted and returned....

All return merchandise will be charged a 10% restocking fee and there is no acceptation to this rule!!!!


All Vintage Motorcycle Parts are sold at Racer Net, therefor No Discounts Apply....

Please know what you want and ask questions before you place an order, for there is a NO RETURN POLICY on Vintage Motorcycle Parts.... This is not Walmart and all invoices will be marked as such!!!! 



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