Cycle performance products, inc.

BENEFITS OF OWNERSHIP: Here are my reasons for adding Vintage Motorcycles to your investment portfolio….

FIRST: V/M's represent an "island of safety" from today's currency fluctuations. Their intrinsic value and desirability are not dependent on what's going on with the dollar…. They're also resalable in almost any place on Earth in a wide range of currencies, as opposed to many traditional assets that are denominated in dollars….

SECOND: V/M's are a way to hold some of your wealth without showing up on Forbes' list of the wealthiest Americans…. Things like real estate, stocks, and bonds can be easily tracked…. On the other hand, owning V/M's are a way of taking your wealth out of view of almost anyone who wants to know what you own….

THIRD: unlike most other investments, V/M's are things that you can actually enjoy…. I say that V/M's are literally "history in your hands." You can buy, sell and trade them, but while you  hold them, please enjoy them….

FORTH: V/M's can be a source of income while they are in your position, thru Lend/Lease Programs such as our Museum and/or Annual Race Support  Programs….

FINALLY: Now, if time is running out to perform your bucket list, but it has you throwing  your leg over a bike like Cal Rayborn last road in the sixties???? We can make that happen for you  at a very reasonable expense!!!!

Enjoy Your Days,

John F. Basore, Sr. 

Tel: (336) 245-3594