-----05/20/20 STORM DAMAGE UPDATE -----As of 4/1/22 we're back into our shop and we are Not Excepting any work until we finish up that which was taken on before the storm....

So call first in order to schedule any work!!!!

------THE SPRINT IS 60 YEARS OLD------

Get your Anniversary T-Shirt & Shop Apron for $60,00 delivered to your door step!!!!

 ------------PAUL HUNT'S ERS-350------------

If you wish to be apart of Paul Hunt's rebuild please step forward now!!!! I've got a list of parts & outside labor that will be needed....    

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Available in either 1" or 2" 25', 50' & 100' rolls of black (1), metallic (2), black w/stainless steel (3), orange (4), red (5), blue (6), silver (7), natural w/stainless steel (8), multi-tone (9) and natural (10) with or without stainless steel tie straps…. Oh, our black is black not gray….



  • Auto Meter: Tachometers & Gauges
  • Diamond Engineering: Stainless/Steel Hardware
  • Cycle Performance Products: Castor Racing Oil
  • Excel: Aluminum Rims
  • FCL: Fiberglass Bodywork   
  • Magura: Hand Sets
  • Tarozzzi: Rear Sets
  • Wiseco: Standard Pistons 
  • J E Racing Pistons


The most complete line of quarter turn fasteners in the industry…. Each kit includes everything you'll need to complete the operation…. Available in self-ejecting flush & butterfly, oval-head & D-ring with clips or springs…. Suitable for either racing fiberglass or plastic body panels….

 Dealer inquiries should be directed to your local warehouse distributor….

Most Popular Items by Cycle Performance Products, Inc. 


We've made it easy for both the Harley-Davidson & Metric Cruiser rider to mount Auto Meter's Pro-Cycle and most 2.4" instruments to all of the popular handlebar combinations….

Dealer inquiries should be directed to your local warehouse distributor…. 

The legendary Sprint CRTT flat-single competition racer was born in 1961 when the Italian factory of Aermacchi entered into a financial relationship with Harley-Davidson of the USA, a union which led to the production of 175cc, 250cc & 350cc  racing motorcycles for lightweight competition….

Experience the Harley-Davidson Sprint Competition Racer again and join the racing action in conjunction with A.H.R.M.A. & A.M.A. at such elite race tracks as Barber Motor Sports Park or the Bonneville Salt Flats.... 


We would like to support an A/H-D group ride and/or BBQ at each of the following events, but need a local enthusist to step forward to help coordinate matters…

2024 AHRMA Road Race Schedule

2/16-18 Bloomingdale, GA 664 miles

3/15-17 Kershaw, SC 274 miles

5/10-12 Munford, AL 828 miles

6/21-23 Millville, NJ 970 miles

AMA Land Speed Championship

TBA      Bonneville, UT 4866 miles

9/6-8 Wampum, PA 866 miles

10/10-13 Birmingham, AL 930 miles

Please go to www.ahrma.org & www.ama.com for updates and additional information about the above schedule of events.

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